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Lovely success stories from my clients

What a few of them say…


“I have completely transitioned off the meds”

For me, I wanted the support of someone who could meet me at the place I was at, listen, and tailor some ideas to match. I was carrying a lot of fear, didn’t know how to shape my thinking and the 1:1 sessions gave me confidence to let go a bit and see things from a different perspective.

I was already on a road of mindful awareness and a more holistic way of thinking and being as a whole, but with sleep I had a block…  and as I was taking sleeping tablets, they had become physiologically addictive, and a fear of removing them had overtaken all of my rational thought processes. The fear was huge and very ‘live’ in my everyday thinking.

Now I can see the overthinking, control, and the fear that builds as the cause, and the vicious circle that it all makes. I have completely transitioned off the meds and found an amazing freedom from doing that. I am learning to accept that my body knows how to sleep, I’ve just got to get out of its way!!

For me, having someone in your corner, that dark scary corner, who helps without judgement gave me such an inner strength to look inwards at what truly was going on, and from that came the confidence to say, “I can do this” . And the fact that you have been there, done it and understood the journey meant a lot too.

I liked the extra support of Voxer, just knowing help, reassurance, or a quick bit of advice was just there…. If needed… very comforting for blip moments!

Tracy, honestly, just showing up as you are, supporting with your wonderful knowledge, kind words and wise smile made it such a positive experience. Thank you for picking me up when I was lost and showing me the way forwards, am so very grateful 🙏

Heather Nash



“Completely changed my life”

I must say it has totally changed my life. Now I fall asleep within half an hour (which I’ve never done before) I wake up a couple of times during the night but can go back to sleep rather fast. This two last nights I’ve slept to around 6-6.30. I stay up until around half past eleven to twelve. I go to bed only when I’m so sleepy I hardly can keep my eyes open. It feels absolutely fantastic. I’ve slept when its full moon!! (can’t remember when that last happened) and last night, the rain was pouring down, and I slept!! Thank you Tracy from the bottom of my heart for being you!! You have totally changed my life. You are such a generous and wonderful person.


Cristina L


“I have never worked with a therapist as diligent, intentional and willing to support”

“I haven’t felt this full of life, energy and gratitude in months. I felt heard and accepted and as a bonus I left with a solid plan. I am truly grateful for Tracy’s help and support!”

Jonathan Renwick, BSW, MEdPsych, RSW



“Moving away from medication…”

Tracy has helped me learn to deal with negative thoughts associated with not sleeping (as a result of physical trauma/back injury) and get on a healthy path using mindfulness and CBTI…I’m moving away from medication…

Tracy is kind, knowledgeable, and empathetic, and quite frankly as a past sufferer of sleep issues, is the perfect person to be able to help!”




“I have found joy and laughter in my life again”

“You do amazing work!! I thought I would go crazy and never sleep again. I have found joy and laughter in my life again. If you ever visit Las Vegas, let me take you to lunch. You are my hero.”

Keith Juson




I have found I fall asleep quicker and am not waking in the night as much. I definitely have more energy in the day, too.”  –  Jenny Tidman




“The discussions we had were good and on point and helped me understand that I had not just gone mad. – Xenia




“Thank you for your help – it’s been life changing.”

Lisa C



“CBTi is definitely a great approach”

“Working with Tracy was informative and comforting. CBTi is definitely a great approach and I would highly recommend it!  It was personally the best decision I ever made” – Robyn


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