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  • I have engaged with Tracy both on a 1-1 paid consultancy basis and through her many interesting and informative social media posts. She is compassionate and incisive in her observations... read more

    Tim Lucas Avatar Tim Lucas
  • After experiencing insomnia on and off for several months I knew that I needed additional support. I was already a member of Tracy's Sound Sleep Strategies Facebook group and liked... read more

    Cindy Wade Avatar Cindy Wade
  • Tracy is knowledge, kind, warm and we clicked immediately. She helped me dealing with insomnia during a tough period of my life. For me, most importantly was the reassurance, which... read more

    Ralu Nechita Avatar Ralu Nechita
  • Truly life changing. I had hit rock bottom, insomnia had completely taken away my ability to function at work, as a mum, at life generally. I was beyond desperate, yet... read more

    Rachel Millward Avatar Rachel Millward
  • I cant recommend Tracy enough - I reached out to Tracy after going through a particularly rough patch with sleep, after having tried everything CBTI seemed like my last ditch... read more

    Amber Goddard Avatar Amber Goddard
  • I suffered from mild-moderate insomnia before I started working with Tracy. I had previously completed an NHS programme but still suffered with bad sleep and deep anxiety about sleep. Working... read more

    Kathryn Darling Avatar Kathryn Darling
  • Working with Tracy has been great from minute one. She was very open and honest, worked at my pace rather than hers, helped me to rethink sleep, given me the... read more

    Matthew Stout Avatar Matthew Stout
  • I have been working with Tracy over the past few months and have made more progress with my sleep than I have in years of trying! Tracy is kind and... read more

    Phoebe Walsh Avatar Phoebe Walsh
  • Tracy is truly amazing and so easy to start sleeping. I had been taking pills every night for 15 years or more and the pills always stopped working. ... read more

    CAROL C. Avatar CAROL C.
  • I’ve suffered with Insomnia on and off for most of my life lately I had a particularly bad time with it going on for months I was in a bad... read more

    Darren Black Avatar Darren Black

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THREE Months of Connected Coaching

The Sleep Reframe

We start with an assessment and a 90-minute Jumpstart call to get you going on a solid plan.  We’ll have hour long sessions for four sessions across the three months. And you get SIX days on Voxer with me!


The Sleep Reframe

You may have slept poorly for a long time, or your sleep anxiety might be worse than the sleeping problem itself.  You know you need more than a few weeks to get past this, and you want to get it sorted out properly.

We start with an assessment done before your first call (A Sleep Jumpstart).  You leave that call with a solid starting plan, summarised in a report sent to you after the session. You know exactly what to get started, how to start on it, and why you’re doing it.  No fluff. 

You also get immediate access to my six week long Sleep Recovery Course, as well as an eight week Mindfulness programme. 

Over the next three months we meet four times for an hour each session, making tweaks and changes.  I give you close support and guidance not only for sleep improvement, but for helping you reframe your thinking around sleep so that you come to fear lack of sleep less – which is the key to permanent recovery from insomnia.

You also get two free Voxer days every month to use if you need them, up to two weeks after your last session. Send me voicenotes, and I’ll answer you back.  No cut and paste email replies here!

I’m here to support you throughout your sleep improvement journey. 

 If you want to chat it through, Book a FREE 20 Minute Call.



“I was already on a road of mindful awareness and a more holistic way of thinking and being as a whole, but with sleep I had a block… and as I was taking sleeping tablets, they had become psychologically addictive, and a fear of removing them had overtaken all of my rational thought processes. The fear was huge and very ‘live’ in my everyday thinking.”

“Now I can see the overthinking, control, and the fear that builds as the cause, and the vicious circle that it all makes. I have completely transitioned off the meds and found an amazing freedom from doing that. I am learning to accept that my body knows how to sleep, I’ve just got to get out of its way!! Am finding my way with sleep, allowing the ebb and flow of good nights, and not so nights as natural.”

“For me, having someone in your corner, that dark scary corner, who helps without judgement gave me such an inner strength to look inwards at what truly was going on, and from that came the confidence to say, “I can do this”. And the fact that you have been there, done it and understood the journey meant a lot too.”

“I liked the extra support of Voxer, just knowing help, reassurance, or a quick bit of advice was just there…. If needed… very comforting for blip moments!”

“Just showing up as you are, supporting with your wonderful knowledge, kind words and wise smile made it such a positive experience. Thank you for picking me up when I was lost and showing me the way forwards, am so very grateful 🙏”

Heather Nash

So what do you get with the Sleep Reframe?






Professional Fee for Sleep Reframe is £750

Payment plan available for 3 payments of £250 (terms apply)

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So why Me?

I’m a qualified sleep therapist recognised by the Society for Behavioural Sleep Medicine, and I specialise specifically in adult insomnia treatment using evidence based approaches.  

I’ve also had insomnia myself.  I really get the grinding and seemingly endless physical and emotional toll it takes on our lives.

There’s nothing I want more than to help people reconnect to their natural sleep ability, and to be able to do so for life.  

any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we meet?

We meet on Zoom, from the comfort of your home.  If you’ve never used Zoom before, I can send you a tutorial on how to use it before our session.

Can We Spread This Out For More Than Two Months?

Unfortunately, my diary doesn’t allow me to spread things out indefinitely, hence having a three month time frame for the service. In my experience this is a good amount of time for you to gain all the skills and confidence you need to be sleeping better as well as the consistent support to put it into place. If we need to arrange around mutual holidays we can do this in advance when we book all of our sessions into the diary.

How does payment work?

When booking you’ll pay the invoice with Stripe, which is a secure online payment system used by many online retailers for payment processing. I never see your card details.

All fees are in my local currency, the Great British Pound (GBP). You can get an approximate conversion here:  https://xe.com

Both Payments will be collected, even if you choose to discontinue the programme early.


I Don't Live In the uk.....

Zoom can connect us, all around the world. I’m in the UK timezone, and can meet people from 7am to 4pm – which covers early morning in most of North America and early evening in Australia.  You can check your timezone here: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/