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  • Tracy is knowledge, kind, warm and we clicked immediately. She helped me dealing with insomnia during a tough period of my life. For me, most importantly was the reassurance, which... read more

    Ralu Nechita Avatar Ralu Nechita
  • I have been working with Tracy over the past few months and have made more progress with my sleep than I have in years of trying! Tracy is kind and... read more

    Phoebe Walsh Avatar Phoebe Walsh
  • I am so thankful for Tracy’s group and individual sessions. I am a trauma treatment specialist and refer clients suffering with insomnia to her all the time. For myself,... read more

    Jonathon Renwick Avatar Jonathon Renwick
  • I’ve suffered with Insomnia on and off for most of my life lately I had a particularly bad time with it going on for months I was in a bad... read more

    Darren Black Avatar Darren Black
  • I have engaged with Tracy both on a 1-1 paid consultancy basis and through her many interesting and informative social media posts. She is compassionate and incisive in her observations... read more

    Tim Lucas Avatar Tim Lucas
  • Truly life changing. I had hit rock bottom, insomnia had completely taken away my ability to function at work, as a mum, at life generally. I was beyond desperate, yet... read more

    Rachel Millward Avatar Rachel Millward
  • After experiencing insomnia on and off for several months I knew that I needed additional support. I was already a member of Tracy's Sound Sleep Strategies Facebook group and liked... read more

    Cindy Wade Avatar Cindy Wade
  • I cant recommend Tracy enough - I reached out to Tracy after going through a particularly rough patch with sleep, after having tried everything CBTI seemed like my last ditch... read more

    Amber Goddard Avatar Amber Goddard
  • Working with Tracy has been great from minute one. She was very open and honest, worked at my pace rather than hers, helped me to rethink sleep, given me the... read more

    Matthew Stout Avatar Matthew Stout
  • I suffered from mild-moderate insomnia before I started working with Tracy. I had previously completed an NHS programme but still suffered with bad sleep and deep anxiety about sleep. Working... read more

    Kathryn Darling Avatar Kathryn Darling

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Do you want a transformative single session?

Sleep Jumpstart

Join me for an hour long call and leave with a solid plan for sorting out your sleep problems.

I have never worked with a therapist as diligent and intentional and willing to provide support. I haven’t felt this full of life, energy and gratitude in months. I felt heard and accepted and as a bonus I left with a solid plan! I am truly grateful for Tracy’s help and support!

Jonathan Renwick, BSW, MSEdPsych, RSW


The sleep jumpstart

The Sleep Jumpstart is no ordinary phone call.


Most initial sleep therapy sessions are spent doing an assessment. 

Answering lots of questions and filling in lots of forms. 

With the Sleep Jumpstart Call, you get an assessment of your situation – BEFORE you even get onto the call

We spend 100% of our time getting clear on your situation, crafting a plan, and teaching you the skills you need to get started on sorting out your sleep.

You leave the call with a plan for improving your sleep (not ‘sleep hygiene’ tips either!).



I’ve been struggling with sleep since I got fibromyalgia as a teenager. (I’m 54 now.) It got even worse 2015 when I got burned out. I’ve had a lot of sleeping anxiety and It was on my mind every day.

I dreaded going to bed and lay there tossing and turning all night and not much sleep. I had big problems with going to sleep, waking up often and struggling with going back to sleep and waking up way to early. I’ve tried everything from cbt oil, tea, natural sleeping pills, relaxing music and apps. I’ve been on benzo on and off the whole time. 

I’ve  had one session with Tracy. I must say it has totally changed my life. Now I fall asleep within half an hour (which I’ve never done before) I wake up a couple of times during the night but can go back to sleep rather fast. 

It feels absolutely fantastic. I’ve slept when its full moon!! ( can’t remember when that last happen) and last night, the rain was pouring down, and I slept!!

Thank you Tracy from the bottom of my heart for being you!! ❤ You have totally changed my life. You are such a generous and wonderful person.

Cristina Larsson

 The Sleep Jumpstart call is PERFECT for you if:

You want to start sleeping better and are ready to get started

You have questions about sleep and insomnia you want to be answered by a professional, not a random on the interwebs

You want to know exactly what kind of lifestyle and sleep habit changes could help improve your specific sleep problem

You are happy to create a plan with me and then go off and work your plan – knowing I’m here if you need me

The Sleep Jumpstart call is NOT for you if:

You are expecting a quick tip for a cure for your insomnia – we get comprehensive

You want or need extensive support

You have uncontrolled physical or mental health issues

So what do you get ?




You might even be able to speak to me today!

Please book in using the diary below, check your emails, and join me on Zoom.

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So why Me?

I’m a qualified sleep therapist recognised by the Society for Behavioural Sleep Medicine, and I specialise specifically in adult insomnia treatment using evidence based approaches.  

I’ve also had insomnia myself.  I really get the grinding and seemingly endless physical and emotional toll it takes on our lives.

There’s nothing I want more than to help people reconnect to their natural sleep ability, and to be able to do so for life.  

Are You Ready To Get Started?

any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we meet?

We meet on Zoom, from the comfort of your home.  If you’ve never used Zoom before, I can send you a tutorial on how to use it before our session.

How does payment work?

When booking you’ll pay the invoice with Stripe, which is a secure online payment system used by many online retailers for payment processing. I never see your card details.

All fees are in my local currency, the Great British Pound (GBP). You can get an approximate conversion here:  https://xe.com


I Don't Live In the uk.....

Zoom can connect us, all around the world. I’m in the UK timezone, and can meet people from 7am to 4pm – which covers early morning in most of North America and early evening in Australia.  You can check your timezone here: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/

What if I need or want more help?

You can book additional ad-hoc calls just like this one, where I can continue to support you.   Alternatively you can prebook using a package of support – the Sleep Reboot.