On our call, we’ll work together to  create a strategy for your sleep recovery.

You’ll go away with an action plan for your next steps toward refreshing sleep which may include

  • how and if to change your sleeping patterns
  • what you can try to reduce how much you wake up at night
  • what lifestyle changes might best help you achieve better sleep
  • how to unpick and work through unhelpful thoughts about sleep
  • where you might want to source extra help and support

The call includes reasonable email support for two weeks.

The fee is £147

The Sleep Jumpstart call is PERFECT for you if:


You want to start sleeping better

You have questions about sleep and insomnia you want answered by a professional

You want to know what kind of lifestyle and sleep habit changes could help improve your sleep

You are happy to create a plan with me and then go off and work your plan – knowing I’m here if you need me in future



The Sleep Jumpstart call is NOT for you if:

You are expecting for a cure for your insomnia in one session

You want personalised guidance about setting a very specific plan (e.g. setting and adjusting a sleep window)

You want or need extensive email support

Need more than a jumpstart?


woman stretching and happy

fundamentals in focus

Rise and Shine Sleep Reboot

The Nuts and bolts of good sleep

In this sleep reboot package, we focus on identifying the specific core actions you need to take to reconnect to your natural ability to sleep.

You’ll get my support as you put into place effective and practical approaches that target your specific sleep concerns. 

You’ll finish the programme knowing exactly what to do to continue improving your sleep on your own, and how to handle any sleep blips in the future.  Independence!

Frequently Asked Questions

We will meet on Zoom in our private Zoom room. Calls are available on Tuesday through Friday from 7am to 3pm UK time.

Reasonable email support is available during my normal coaching hours Tuesday through Friday 7am to 3pm UK time. I give my 1-1 clients my full attention when I reply and that’s when I’ll have my laptop and all your details to hand. I usually reply within 24 hours. Note I cannot offer coaching via Messenger or Whatsapp.

Yes, I do. There are practical considerations that must be taken into account when deciding to work together and one is the practicalities of time zone differences and matching availability. I can work with people in the Eastern Time Zone of the US and Canada if you can meet in the morning.

Payments are taken securely through Stripe, just like most online shops.  If you are interested in working with me, you will get a link that will allow you to provide me with some basic details, sign a short contract and make payment.  I never see your full payment details.

I do not offer payment plans for the Sleep Recovery Jumpstart call.

The Sleep Recovery call is basically a private Q and A and troubleshooting session – it’s for those who think they will need little support – they just need to know what to do and how to get started.

The Rise and Shine Reboot is short, sharp and practical. It’s for people who will need a bit more support in implementing the practical aspects of a basic behaviour based programme.

The Rest and Restore Programme is a fuller programme and is for those who need support over a longer period and / or for those who are dealing with more complex issues such as maladaptive sleep related thinking and sleep anxiety.

If you aren’t sure, you can email me at [email protected]

who am I?


Hello There!

Hi there, I’m Tracy.  I’m a compassionate sleep coach who helps adults with insomnia reclaim their connection to sleep.

 I’m not just well trained – I’ve had insomnia myself and have come out the other side to being a good sleeper