You are not on your own.

Discover exactly how to leave the tossing, turning and burning sandpaper eyes behind you with personalised sleep coaching. 


Spending your free hours researching what might help?

Not sure if you should apply all those complicated rules?

Frustrated about how to do this ‘sleep thing’ that everyone else seems to do – effortlessly?

Feeling like nobody understands what you’re going through?

I’ve got you.

No more uncertainty around how to improve your sleep.

Ditch the scams, gimmicks and gadgets.

You’ve done all that, it didn’t work – and now you’re ready. 

Let’s work together.


reading in bed

a good head start

Sleep Jumpstart Call

need a bit of fine tuning?

Join me on Zoom and get all your questions answered! 

This is your Private Q and A session all about your sleep and insomnia. 

You’ll leave your one to one sleep coaching call knowing what is disrupting your sleep, how to approach improving your sleep, and with a concrete and practical plan to turn your sleep around.


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fundamentals in focus

Rise and Shine Sleep Reboot

The Nuts and Bolts of Sleep

In the Sleep Reboot we focus on identifying the specific core actions you need to take to reconnect to your natural ability to sleep.

You’ll get my support as you put into place effective and practical approaches that target your specific sleep concerns. 

You will finish the programme knowing exactly what to do to continue improving your sleep on your own, and how to handle any sleep blips in the future.  Independence!


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sleep for life

Rest and Restore Programme

The whole and holistic sleep Solution

Break the cycle of poor sleep and sleep anxiety with Rest and Restore. This comprehensive sleep coaching programme that looks at both the practical aspects of sleep as well as the psychological. 

You will put in place the widest range of skills to support your sleep improvement, and I’ll be there with you for the whole journey. 

You’ll leave the programme sleeping better and growing with the skills and attitudes you’ll need to fully tackle any future sleep wobbles.

I've also had one session with Tracy. I must say it has totally changed my life.

Now I fall asleep within half an hour (which I've never done before) I wake up a couple of times during the night but can go back to sleep rather fast. It feels absolutely fantastic. I've slept when its full moon!! ( cant remember when that last happen) and last night, the rain was pouring down, and I slept!!

Thank you Tracy from the bottom of my heart for being you!! You have totally changed my life. You are such a generous and wonderful person.

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