Sleep Recovery Call

Let's Create Your Sleep Plan

Join me for your 60-90 minute Sleep Recovery Call, where we come to understand your current sleeping problem, create a plan to reverse negative influences, and put in place a strategy so you can move forward with getting deeper and better quality sleep.

Limited Time Remaining: £147


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Sleep Recovery Call

Let’s connect on Zoom and sort out a plan for sorting out your sleep!

Before we talk, you’ll fill in a form about your health and wellbeing, your lifestyle, and your sleep history. I’ll review your sleep diaries to see what your sleep looks like now.

On our call, we’ll work together to use healthy sleep principles in creating a specific strategy for your sleep recovery. You’ll go away with a concrete plan for your next steps toward refreshing sleep including:

how and if to change your sleeping patterns
what you can do to reduce how much you wake up at night
what lifestyle changes might best help you achieve better sleep
how to counter unhelpful thoughts about sleep that keep you awake
where you might want to source extra help and support

What you get:

  • Full sleep assessment and diary analysis ahead of the call
  • 60-90 Min Call on Zoom
  • Two weeks reasonable email support as you implement your plan

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Hi there! I'm Tracy

I’m a compassionate sleep coach who helps people with insomnia enjoy sound sleep, using proven, no-nonsense strategies – so they can live their active lives with renewed energy and focus.

I am an osteopath and naturopath with a degree in psychology and training in cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia as well as mindfulness-based stress reduction. I found these CBTI skills valuable for myself and my work with others.

I’ve been passionate about sleep for decades, after suffering badly with insomnia myself.  I have tossed and turned until I wanted to scream. I’ve felt embarrassed by falling for sleeping scams.  I’ve felt the guilt of not feeling playful with my kids.  I’ve been where you are, and I’ve been out the other side.  You can be there with me!

Learn to relax and re-learn your natural ability to sleep.  Book a call in today.