Rise and Shine Sleep Reboot

The Rise and Shine Sleep Reboot is a package of support for those who want to identify and get support as they implement the most practical changes they can make to improve their sleep.

You’ll discover:

  • what changes you can make to your evening and morning routines to optimise your sleep and get the day started strong
  • exactly how you should change your sleep and waking rythms to tilt yourself back toward healthy sleep
  • what to put into place in order to make these changes as successful as possible by reducing your sleep related anxiety

The programme consists of an assessment, an initial 60-90 minute call, followed by two 30 minute zoom ‘support and tweak’ calls across six weeks. Ad hoc calls are available following the programme.

Fee: £400

The Rise and Shine Sleep Reboot is perfect for you if:

You want to improve your sleep but need specific suggestions 
You don’t have a need or want for ‘heavy therapy’; You want to keep it practical

You might be seeing someone already to work on anxiety – but need to know the practical side of working on your sleep
You want to know how to continue improving your sleep on your own after the programme is completed


The Rise and Shine Sleep Reboot programme is NOT for you if:

You have untreated sleep apnoea or another sleeping disorder

You aren’t medically or psychologically stable

You only have a few questions you want to ask someone – Check out the Jumpstart instead



Need a bit more support?


woman stretching and happy

sleep for life

Rest and Restore Programme

Comprehensive tailored support for optimal sleep

Sleep better for life with this comprehensive support programme that looks at both the practical aspects of sleep as well as the psychological. 

You will put in place the widest range of skills to support your sleep improvement, with professional support throughout your journey. You’ll leave the programme with a huge range of tools to tackle any future sleep wobbles.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will meet on Zoom in our private Zoom room. Calls are available on Tuesday through Friday from 7am to 3pm UK time. 

Reasonable email support is available during my normal coaching hours Tuesday through Friday 7am to 3pm UK time. I give my 1-1 clients my full attention when I reply and that’s when I’ll have my laptop and all your details to hand. I usually reply within 24 hours. Note I cannot offer coaching via Messenger or Whatsapp.

Yes, I do. There are practical considerations that must be taken into account when deciding to work together and one is the practicalities of time zone differences and matching availability. I can work with people in the Eastern Time Zone of the US and Canada if you can meet in the morning.

I speak English. Unfortunately no other languages (at the moment!) 

But I’m not!  Most therapists in the UK charge over £200 per session AND offer no between-session support. I spend time both before and after our calls doing preparation and planning and this is also accounted for in the fees.  Basically – given all the professional attention given to your situation (either directly or behind the scenes) – I’m not expensive at all. In fact, my mentor has told me to raise my fees!

Payments are taken securely through Stripe, just like most online shops.  If you are interested in working with me, you will get a link that will allow you to provide me with some basic details, sign a short contract and make payment.  I never see your full payment details.

I offer a payment plan for the Rise and Shine and and Rest and Restore programmes, though a contract must be completed – these are not pay as you go programmes.  Ad hoc pay as you go calls are available at the Jumpstart Call rate.

The Jumpstart call is a one off call for troubleshooting and talking sleep one to one.  It is much less comprehensive than the Rise and Shine Reboot.  I cannot offer highly specific advice for safety reasons, as I will not have done a full assessment, but I can give you some general guidance and tips on how you could improve your sleep based on our call. 

With the Rise and Shine Reboot Programme, I take an in depth history and assessment as well as two weeks of sleep diaries before our first 60-90 minute call so I can advise specifically and safely on what I think you can do to improve your sleep.  I then offer three more calls (one longer and two shorter) to help you continue to make adjustments and teach you how to do them on your own in the future.

The Sleep Recovery call is basically a private Q and A and troubleshooting session – it’s for those who think they will need little support – they just need to know what to do and how to get started.

The Rise and Shine Reboot is short, sharp and practical. It’s for people who will need a bit more support in implementing the practical aspects of a basic behaviour based programme. This is not just the first four sessions of the longer programme – it’s a different structure entirely.

The Rest and Restore Programme is a fuller programme and is for those who need support over a longer period and / or for those who are dealing with more complex issues such as maladaptive sleep related thinking and sleep anxiety.

If you aren’t sure, you can email me at [email protected]