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The Momentum Club

A unique and professionally guided group for people who have graduated from their initial sleep programmes


After SLeep Therapy…

You’ve done the work, but you also know it’s the beginning of a longer journey as you implement what you’ve learned. 

I’ve been there myself, I get it.

What if you could have both professionally coached guidance AND in a group of people just like you, who are all on the same journey together?

I’ve created an intimate space just for you.

To further guide you and support you.  To give you a space to be with others who have gone through it  and are doing the work of improving their sleep by putting it into place.

What if you could……

Get together face to face with people who *get* you every single month

Have weekly one to one access to a qualified sleep coach to ask your questions to all day long

Enjoy a friendly community of people by voice and text – safely and privately – supporting one another

Take advantage of professional guidance and learn in an intimate community


The Momentum Club

The Momentum Club is for sleep therapy progressors/improvers who have already done a course or a set of sessions with a therapist, but feel the need for ongoing support and guidance as they put their new skills into place.  You don’t need another course, and you don’t need one to one…but you know you need something more than a general Facebook group.

This will be an innovative group with a unique format for ongoing one to one and group support.

Extremely special pricing will be available for a limited number of founding members for both the Club and one to one services.



Momentum is for you if


You have learned CBTi /ACT or similar approaches, through a therapist or an online course – but you want some coaching support as you continue to implement what you have learned


You don’t need another course or set of one to ones – just a bit of support as you put things into place


You want to both show up for support and to also support others who are in the same boat as you


You want to take advantage of professional guidance using the free easy tools provided to you


You are medically and psychologically stable and have no other sleep disorders 

And it isn’t for you if


You are new to CBTi /ACT and approaches similar to it – there’s not a guided teaching component that starts from scratch in this group


You really need or want one to one sleep coaching – this is a group programme


You don’t value mutual support and a fantastic community vibe


You are nervous of maybe trying new things and need more of a one to one setting


You are not medically or psychologically stable, or you have another untreated sleep disorder


Here is how it will work

Guided Coaching Support

Meet together as a group for support, troubleshooting, and guidance. Face to face with the group and with me every month – minimum. Special events too!

Private Facebook Group

Zoom replays will be here, and you can all connect in a familiar space. You can use this instead of or in addition to the Group Voxer Chat! 

Private Voxer Chat Group


A Voxer group for the Club. You can use this instead of or in addition to the Facebook Group – consider it a verbal water cooler!

One to One Voxer Access to Me

One day a week you can send me questions for 24 hours and I will reply via voice note to answer you! Voxer access is usually only available to one to one clients.

There is no sleep focussed group like this anywhere


Group Learning and Support

Facebook, Voxer Voice and ‘In Person’ on Zoom – the Club vibe is the key

24/7 for Facebook and Voxer – you have a safe container to be together

90 Mins Live with me every single month, minimum


One to One Support

Individual Voxer support every single week one to one with me – ask your questions – I’ll answer.  Or just say hello! 

24 hours a week = 96 hours a month of me ‘on tap’ for light touch but high quality personalised support and questions as and when you need it.

Like a lawyer on retainer but cheaper and better for your mental health!


Founders Matter

Those of you who commit to starting this Club with me will be extra special.

I can’t serve many people with this level of support at this fee.

Anything added to the group will not add to your Club fee. It will be the same fee forever for you. 

And if anything changes as the group grows, you’ll always keep what you started with. I’ll do right by you.

One to one access to me for a full day every week 

24/7 Facebook and Voxer access to the group

90 minutes every month live in person – together with this amazing collective


Discounted one to one services

You can’t beat this Level of Support and Access ‘on tap’

Let's hang out over a virtual coffee

Download  Voxer now and see how it works! Ask me anything!  You can find me @tracythesleepcoach

You can obviously also email me too – tracy@tracythesleepcoach.co.uk

Having your own sleep therapist and Specialist Group on tap

A highly personal, intimate experience – for when you need it and want it

Three months of access and support for less than the cost of a single one-to-one session

I liked the extra support of Voxer, just knowing help, reassurance, or a quick bit of advice was just there…. If needed… very comforting for blip moments!

– Heather Nash  –

You have awesome questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to have done to be able to apply?

Ideally you will have done CBTi or ACT based work with a therapist or via a structured online course. If you have done CBTI on your own, you’ll need to have covered all the basic areas as there’s no structured teaching component to this – so, both the behavioural techniques and the mental/emotional approaches.  You’ll need to feel comfortable with the basic concepts so that everyone is roughly in the same place.

Who shouldn't do this?

If you’ve not done any formal sleep therapy, this isn’t the group for you.  

If you are really needing one to one work, this group may not work for you.  This is more like a support group than a group therapy experience and although the voxer component is private and one to one with me, it is not a substitute for 1-1 work. (Momentum Club members will get preferential rates for one to one work with me if they need or want it).

If I feel the group isn’t suited to you or your needs I’ll reach out to discuss it with you.


Is this CBTI 2.0 for Advanced Students?

No, as there is no guided teaching component.  If you feel you need to completely redo your CBTi programme, I will have other group options and one to one options available.

Is the group going to be large? How many of us will be in it?

Oh my goodness, no! I’m not a fan of big groups.

I could run this with zoom only and make it huge – but I don’t want that! And neither do you.  I want a smaller group in part for the intimacy and in part, well, those Voxer days…it wouldn’t be possible for me to cope with a vast number of people messaging me!

I don’t have a set number as yet, but it won’t be big – and this first founding opening will be small.  We will create the experience together.

I've never heard of voxer. What is it?

Voxer is a free app available on Apple/Android and desktop. 

For those familiar with WhatsApp, it’s similar – but with extra privacy. (For those not familiar, it allows international calling/messaging/etc free as long as you are connected to WIFI)

Now, the way Voxer is different –  unlike WhatsApp, nobody can see your phone number.  Only your username is visible to others.

It’s perfect for group chat, as everyone’s privacy is protected

I’ll send you step by step instructions, don’t worry!  And – you don’t NEED to use it. But if you don’t you won’t be able to take advantage of the Voxer Days if you don’t as this is the only place where I will be accepting one to one messages.  

How do all the bits work?

 The group will meet on Zoom – a free videoconferencing software that we all should have bought stock for before 2020.  

The Facebook Group will be a place we can hang out 🙂 You definitely know what this is 🙂

Voxer Group Chat – You don’t need to use it – but you’ll need Voxer anyway to take advantage of the Voxer Days which are perhaps the most valuable part of this Club

Voxer Days – I’ll send more details, but you have a day a week you can send me messages or voicenotes and I’ll reply to you. It’s not a substitute for 1-1 work but is a great way to get regular support.

What happens with the Live Group Sessions?

We’ll meet monthly on (tentatively) the first Thursday of each month at 4:30pm UK time (as most who are interested are in the UK or USA).  The times will be determined by where most people are coming from and can alternate if needed. If you can’t make a call, I’ll be sure you can submit questions. (Remember – the Voxer days are priceless!)

The sessions are flexible – I can address themes, teach skills – it depends what the group needs at the time as a whole – and also answer any questions!  And  you will all get to learn from and support one another too. Insomnia is lonely sometimes. Some of the most amazing things have come out of group zoom calls – these are special!

If we have enough people, we can run more than one at different times.

When do we start?

 I’d like to aim for starting the first week of August, pending having enough members to make this concept fly!

How do I apply to join?


Fill in the form and reply to the email you get with a little more information about yourself and I’ll get in touch!  

why does it cost so much?


What value would you place on:

a full day of being able to chat with someone who knows what they are doing – every week?

At the 3 month pricing, it comes to about £10 a week all on it’s own.

Plus –

two supportive group containers of people working on the same process as you

being able to get together monthly face to face with the same lovely group

You won’t find this anywhere else and the spaces available at this price are very very limited.

What if I need more than what the group can offer?

Though the voxer days are 1-1 they aren’t a replacement for ongoing 1-1 coaching. If you think you may need a more in depth 1-1 support option let me know as I can probably find a way to help.

If I get the feeling you need more than can be offered in this setting, I’ll suggest some alternatives. 

How do I pay?

Payment is done securely using Stripe via a very common checkout system called ThriveCart, a setup used by many online providers and online shops. It’s secure – I don’t ever see your card details.

International cards are accepted and you can google ‘What is X GBP in (insert your currency)’ to get an estimate of what it will cost in your local funds.

What if I Want to cancel?

You can do this using the link at the bottom of each monthly invoice.  No quibbles and no awkwardness – and we can still be friends!

Not Been Invited Yet?Register your interest now

Please register and reply to the email you’ll get. I’ll then reach out and we can chat about you joining us!