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Waking at night?


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Hi there. I’m really sorry to hear that you’re struggling to stay asleep. When I had my own insomnia, I struggled both with falling asleep and staying asleep. And I know how frustrating it is to wake up in the middle of the night and not to be able to get back to sleep. There are two really important things to bear in mind when you’re considering how to tackle nighttime awakenings.

The first one is to ensure you have enough sleep drive built up that you are more likely to fall back to sleep. If you do wake up, the way you do that is by simply being awake longer and being more physically active during the day. Those are the only two things that feed sleep drive. The second most important thing that you can bear in mind, and this is a really critical one is your relationship with your bed. Now, that might sound a little bit funny because we don’t think about the relationship that we have with our bed.

When we don’t have sleeping trouble, we simply bring our sleepy feelings to bed and then we get in bed and we fall asleep. We don’t think about it consciously. So it seems weird to think about it in a conscious way. But what happens when we wake up in the night and we feel a lot of frustration is that relationship with our bed, that physical relationship and that psychological relationship begins to move from one of sleepiness and the bed to one of frustration in the bed, and that frustration will make it more difficult for you to fall back to sleep.

So working on improving your sleep drive and working on your mindset around waking up in the middle of the night are really crucial.

One of the best things that you can do if you wake in the middle of the night and you’re feeling frustrated and upset about being awake in the night is to simply take that wakeful frustrated feeling, bring it someplace else. And then when you get sleepy, bring those sleepy feelings back to the bed. Now, this is not a quick fix. It has to be applied persistently and consistently. So speak with with your health care provider to see if this kind of Behavioural intervention could be helpful for you.

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