Four Week Sleep Coaching

Effective and efficient sleep support

Starting with a personalised assessment and diary analysis, your four planned weekly 1-1 coaching sessions will progress you through the practical changes that are most likely to help you recover your sleep.


Four Week Programme

With a careful progression of four coaching calls, you’ll learn the most practical things you can do to influence and restore your natural ability to sleep.  You’ll have my support as you learn and implement these strategies over the course of the four sessions, and you’ll come out of the programme knowing exactly what you should do to continue improving your sleep.

All of the work we do together will be tailored to your specific sleep situation.  You’ll book in all the calls at one time and keep your diary online (or submit it 48 hours before a call) so we can make maximum use of each session.  This is a highly practical programme and may not be suited to those with complex situations.

The fee includes the four sessions and all of my preparation time for the calls.


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Hi there! I'm Tracy

I’m a compassionate sleep coach who helps people with insomnia enjoy sound sleep, using proven, no-nonsense strategies – so they can live their active lives with renewed energy and focus.

I am an osteopath and naturopath with a degree in psychology and training in cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia, mindfulness-based stress reduction and health behaviour change.

I’ve been passionate about sleep for decades, after suffering badly with insomnia myself.  I have tossed and turned until I wanted to scream. I’ve felt embarrassed by falling for sleeping scams.  I’ve felt the guilt of not feeling playful with my kids.  I’ve been where you are, and I’ve been out the other side.  You can be there with me!

Learn to relax and re-learn your natural ability to sleep.  Book a call in today.