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Group Voxer Coaching

Imagine an intimate group where you can wake up in the morning and get some cheerleading, support or advice from the group – and where you can hear one another just like you’d be in the same room. (But without the need to get dressed, put on makeup, or brush your teeth!)

And on top of that, there would be a Q and A Day with me, where you can submit your questions on a Tuesday and then on Wednesday, you can listen to me coaching you – and everyone else – live.

Plus I’d pop on now and then to root you all on or drop some gems to ponder.

Voxer coaching works.  True support right in your back pocket!

A coach I know charges £250 A DAY for Voxer Based Coaching.  And another who charges £500 a month for a very similar model.

This Beta trial will cost only £25 a month and in this round will be a cohort of people – the group that starts will be the group that goes through this Beta without new entrants.  I expect the Beta to last 2 months.  Aiming for 1st August through 27th September.

It is not a substitute for sleep therapy but a step up from Facebook – without the time commitments that workshops and group sessions require.

You in?  We need a minimum number (but don’t worry – there is also a cap!)

Let me know below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!