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I’m Tracy The Sleep Coach

I’ve suffered those long sleepless nights, just like you.  For years.

The laying awake staring at the wall. Or for variety, the ceiling. The frustration and tossing and turning.  The feeling of finally falling asleep – 30 minutes before my alarm went off.  The burning eyes and fatigue and foggy headedness, until it got to ‘bedtime’….and the cycle would start again.


Until I found sleep therapy. Yes it was a thing! It changed my sleep and changing my sleep changed my life.  

And now I help others – just like you.


Changing lives one night at a time

I had insomnia for years.  My first bad bout began after the death of my spouse.  Oddly, I slept that night, but for many months after that – I didn’t.  Or I think I didn’t. Sometimes I slept so lightly I wasn’t sure I was asleep.  I didn’t know at the time that is a ‘thing’.  

My second bad bout in my 30’s also lasted for years, and was worse.  It came seemingly out of nowhere.  Suddenly I couldn’t sleep.  I would lay completely awake for days.  I’m not sure how I functioned. 

I felt like a shadow of my real self.

I tried so hard to sleep.  And the harder I tried, the more I failed. On top of feeling I’d never sleep again and always be like this, I thought that since sleep was natural and I couldn’t do it, that I was the biggest failure.

Everyone was worried. I was worried.  I developed so much anxiety about going to sleep that I was afraid to go to bed. 

Exhausted.  Wired.  I couldn’t nap.  I felt like I was spinning out of control and sleepwalking foggy-headed through life at the same time.  I was utterly miserable.

And then I found my answer.  And it turns out it was the answer for thousands and thousands of people.  Based on their experiences and based on the research too.

Sleep therapy based in CBTI stopped the spinning.  It taught me what I needed to stop the anxiety.  It helped me get sleepy again, and to sleep soundly.  It built my sleeping confidence enough to get off sleeping pills.  It helped me get back to the 8-9 hours of solid sleep that I still get years later.  Recent developments in the evidence base for ACTI make me wish it had been more widely known when I needed it.

In my healthcare practice as a registered osteopath I used my psychology background and I trained to help in pain get better sleep and now I can help you via Zoom and Voxer through bespoke one to one coaching or through do it yourself online learning.

I’m Certified and Qualified


BA Psychology, Masters Osteopathic Medicine, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (UPENN), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Practitioner, Certified Health Coach and Behaviour Change Specialist

A few interesting things


I create curries for fun


Ultimate Frisbee is my sport


Avocados might be my fave food


Music on? I'm dancing!


I don't have a 'bedtime routine'


My morning? Full of coffee!