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  • I am so thankful for Tracy’s group and individual sessions. I am a trauma treatment specialist and refer clients suffering with insomnia to her all the time. For myself,... read more

    Jonathon Renwick Avatar Jonathon Renwick
  • I have been working with Tracy over the past few months and have made more progress with my sleep than I have in years of trying! Tracy is kind and... read more

    Phoebe Walsh Avatar Phoebe Walsh
  • Tracy is truly amazing and so easy to start sleeping. I had been taking pills every night for 15 years or more and the pills always stopped working. ... read more

    CAROL C. Avatar CAROL C.
  • I’ve suffered with Insomnia on and off for most of my life lately I had a particularly bad time with it going on for months I was in a bad... read more

    Darren Black Avatar Darren Black
  • After experiencing insomnia on and off for several months I knew that I needed additional support. I was already a member of Tracy's Sound Sleep Strategies Facebook group and liked... read more

    Cindy Wade Avatar Cindy Wade
  • I cant recommend Tracy enough - I reached out to Tracy after going through a particularly rough patch with sleep, after having tried everything CBTI seemed like my last ditch... read more

    Amber Goddard Avatar Amber Goddard
  • Tracy is knowledge, kind, warm and we clicked immediately. She helped me dealing with insomnia during a tough period of my life. For me, most importantly was the reassurance, which... read more

    Ralu Nechita Avatar Ralu Nechita
  • I suffered from mild-moderate insomnia before I started working with Tracy. I had previously completed an NHS programme but still suffered with bad sleep and deep anxiety about sleep. Working... read more

    Kathryn Darling Avatar Kathryn Darling
  • Truly life changing. I had hit rock bottom, insomnia had completely taken away my ability to function at work, as a mum, at life generally. I was beyond desperate, yet... read more

    Rachel Millward Avatar Rachel Millward
  • Working with Tracy has been great from minute one. She was very open and honest, worked at my pace rather than hers, helped me to rethink sleep, given me the... read more

    Matthew Stout Avatar Matthew Stout

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Tracy Hannigan, BA Psych, MOstMed, Health Coach (ACE), Behaviour Change Specialist (ACE), CBTI and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Qualified


Hi – I´m Tracy. I help adults with insomnia fix their sleeping problems – for life.

The harder you try to sleep, the worse your sleep will get. As a licensed and highly qualified healthcare professional and sleep expert, I help people ditch sleep anxiety and rediscover their natural ability to sleep – without addictive medications, expensive supplements, and ineffective ‘sleep hygiene’ rituals. Face it: if keeping your room dark and quiet and taking a hot bath and having some tea was going to help, it would have by now, right?

Using innovative evidence based approaches, I help adults around the world shed the burden of thinking about sleep all day, and get deep sound solid sleep at night.

No nonsense. No fads.  No pills. No sprays.  No kidding.

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel of night-time overthinking, and sleep soundly, deeply, and solidly all night long?


Are you ready to give up the rollercoaster?

You may feel like you have tried it all. CBD. Pillow sprays. Magic Masks. Lead filled blankets. Rubbing garlic on your feet. Acupuncture. Tapping. All of it.

There’s no evidence they work for insomnia.  They are popular because they are easy to access. Not because they work.

Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTi) and Acceptance and Committment therapy for insomnia (ACTi) are the primary evidence based approach to treating chronic insomnia.

CBTi itself has over 30 years of evidence behind it – over 100 randomised controlled medical trial results lead all major medical and sleep associations endorse it.  And ACTi has a growing evidence base as well.

These approaches work for over 80% of people for whom they are appropriate – even for those trying to kick sleeping pills to the curb.

It’s the foundation of my work – and the effects are longer lasting than any gimmick and proven longer lasting than any medication – because you are learning skills for life.


Discover how to shift your insomnia problems permanently

Ways We Can Work Together

Like to DIY but want some guidance? Enjoy the efficiency and personalisation of working one to one? Or does a group vibe and support sound like it’s the thing for you?  I offer a variety of ways of working with people, depending on your needs and preferences.



Six modules and six weeks to improved sleep! Follow the step by step programme and

* transform your understanding of sleep and how it works

* learn what and how to change about your physical environment

* change your thinking about your sleep and reduce your sleep anxiety

* adjust your sleep behaviours to give yourself deeper and more solid sleep.

* know exactly what to do when life throws you a sleep curveball in the future

“Your work is amazing!  I thought I would go crazy and never sleep again. I have found joy and laughter in my life again. If you ever visit Las Vegas, let me take you to lunch. You are my hero.” – Keith Juson, Course Participant



Six week sleep recovery course

Fall asleep and stay asleep with this six-week self-guided course. Learn to sleep again in the privacy of your home and at your own pace.

Six weeks of guided expert learning for only £97 

Limited time only



Individual coaching is for you if you need or want very personalised support and guidance.  My one to one clients meet conveniently with me on Zoom from the privacy of their own home for powerful, efficient and completely bespoke insomnia support.  Clients in programmes also get access to me via Voxer between sessions so we can chat as much as you need.

One to one services from £147

individual personal coaching

Completely personalised individual one to one coaching via Zoom and Voxer.



Group coaching is for you if you want to get both professional guidance AND benefit from the support only a tight small intimate group can offer.  A minimum of four people and a maximum of 8 are required to run the groups and sessions are held on Zoom, with group Voxer support in some programmes.



Group Coaching online with a very intimate group


Client success stories

“I have never worked with a therapist as diligent, intentional and willing to support.

I haven’t felt this full of life, energy and gratitude in months. I felt heard and accepted and as a bonus I left with a solid plan.

I am truly grateful for Tracy’s help and support!”

– Jonathan Renwick, BSW, MEdPsych, RSW –

“I had one session with Tracy and it totally changed my life.

Now I fall asleep within half an hour (which I’ve never done) and I wake a couple of times and fall back to sleep rather fast. It feels absolutely fantastic!

I’ve slept when it’s full moon!! (can’t remember when that last happened) and last night, the rain was pouring down, and I slept!! Thank you Tracy from the bottom of my heart for being you!!  

You have totally changed my life. You are such a generous and wonderful person.”

– Cristina L –

“Tracy has helped me learn to deal with negative thoughts associated with not sleeping (as a result of physical trauma/back injury) and get on a healthy path using mindfulness and CBTI…I’m moving away from medication…

Tracy is kind, knowledgeable, and empathetic, and quite frankly as a past sufferer of sleep issues, is the perfect person to be able to help!”

– Tricia-

“The discussions we had were good and on point and helped me understand that I had not just gone mad.”

– Xenia-

“Working with Tracy was informative and comforting. CBTi is definitely a great approach and I would highly recommend it!  It was personally the best decision I ever made”

– Robyn –